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Unalias * hangs TCC session

TCC 21.00.37 x64 Windows 10 [Version 10.0.15063]

*Unalias *
hangs the TCC session.

To recover, all I can do is close the session. *Unalias alias works as documented. Only using "*" as a parameter is a problem.

I think this is a Windows 10 issue, since I haven't had any problems in the past, just recently. Windows 10 was just automatically updated and that is when I noticed this issue. By the amount of time this required, with several restarts, this was an extensive update.

The update log reads: "Feature update to Windows 10, version 1703" successfully installed.
Not reproducible here.

Can you post your alias list?
Good call.
I have been modifying several aliases and after removing them. "*unalias *" worked as expected.
So, obviously I added them one at a time until I found the offender. I had already corrected the syntax, but not copied the new one to my main alias file. That done; now all is good.

Thanks Rexx.

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