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unblocking @select?

I'm looking for ideas on how to unblock @select in a TCC LE script. I ran out of ideas and plugins to try.
Consider this script
do 2
  echo -- %@select[C:\Windows\win.ini,50,100,175,400,Select...]
When it runs it displays the selection window and stops. I want for the script to unblock @select and iterate when some event occurs. Is it possible? Of course, save for the user focusing the selection window and pressing ESC.
I tried various combinations of "signaling" methods, such as Vince's WATCHDIR (4threads.dll) with GENBREAK (4console.dll), or kludgy mouse presses with CLICK (sysutils.dll), or putting @select in a THREAD (sysutils), or sending ESC with sendkeys, ... Nothing worked to close the selection window in a reliable way. I noticed that WATCHDIR id path /I spec /E GENBREAK is able to at least close the window because it closes the script entirely, so there is no next iteration. With CLICK I can click the [X] to close the window - and that works - but it can't work if the console window is minimized or under another window, and it steals focus from the current window. Suggestions or alternatives? Thanks in advance.
I have found that in a lot of cases although in theory constructs like DO ... ENDDO ought to work, in practice they don't. I end up using a loop with a GOTO and that solves the problem, e.g.

:: Set whatever pre-conditions need to be set

Set count=5
Set end_count=10