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Undesired scrolling in Windows 10 enhanced console.

I mentioned a console anomaly in the plugins forum and subsequently determined that it only occurred in the Windows 10 enhanced console. Here's another, even more annoying. It also involves the console scrolling when it's not intended (or wanted). Here are steps to reproduce it. In a Windows 10 enhanced console (i.e., not legacy) ...

1. Make sure there's a command in the recent history that, when recalled with <Up>, will wrap onto a second line.

2. Issue a command whose output will fill at least a page of the console screen buffer, leaving the new prompt at the bottom of the window. This one ought to work: IPCONFIG /ALL

3. At this point, the prompt should be at the bottom of the window. With the mouse or Alt-Down scroll the console so the prompt is in the middle (vertically) of the window.

4. Now <Up> to recall the long (more than a line) command mentioned earlier.

When that command is recalled, the window scrolls so that the prompt is back at the bottom. That's annoying and it doesn't happen in the legacy (or Win7) console.

It doesn't happen in CMD.

It does happen in Powershell ... even worse. There, recalling any command (not necessarily a long one) will cause the scrolling.
I cannot reproduce this unless I enable the Windows 10 ANSI driver.

It doesn't have anything to do with TCC - so you can either disable ANSI in TCC, learn to live with it, or ask Microsoft to fix it. (But Microsoft probably considers it a feature.)
It's not just TCC, it's everywhere. I was wrong earlier; it's even in CMD, though TCC, CMD, and Powershell exhibit it a little differently.

Is disabling the Win10 ANSI driver the same as using the legacy console? The Linux stuff requires the enhanced console.

I asked about it on technet. The best I got so far was "that's just the way it is" ... I'm hoping for better. If it's necessary for VT emulation, so be it (I wonder if that's how VT emulation works on "real" Linux, in xterm, say.). If not, it seems a drastic departure from 30 years of Windows consoles. If it's a "feature" they're not touting it (as they tout many features of the enhanced console).

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