unzip not using specified path

Aug 28, 2008
I've had a batch file for some time that unzips Microsoft Office *.docx, *.xlsx, and other OpenXML files. It creates a subfolder and then uses the unzip command to extract the contents of the archive to said subfolder. Ever since I updated to TCMD 12.x from TCMD 11.x the same batch file is no longer working. The contents of the batch file are:

set xdir=%@path[%@full[%1]]%@name[%1] UNZIPPED
md "%xdir"
unzip /d %1 "%xdir" *
unset xdir

The problem is that the unzip command is no longer using the specified path. In fact, I can't get the unzip command to extract any archive to a path I supply. Has something changed? Is it broken? Thanks in advance.
May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
Looks fishy to me. Below, the files were actually unzipped to v:\. (And where did "Indexing" come from?)

v:\> unzip /d sysutils.zip "sysutils UNZIPPED"\
=> V:\sysutils UNZIPPED\sysutils.txt
=> V:\sysutils UNZIPPED\os.txt
=> V:\sysutils UNZIPPED\sysutils.dll
Indexing V:\

v:\> dir "sysutils UNZIPPED"\

 Volume in drive V is DATA           Serial number is c007:d3e4
 Directory of  V:\sysutils UNZIPPED\*

2011-03-02  14:30         <DIR>    .
2011-03-02  14:30         <DIR>    ..
                 0 bytes in 0 files and 2 dirs
     7,037,362,176 bytes free
Aug 28, 2008
That's exactly the sort of behavior I see: the command "talks" like it's putting things in the right directory but it doesn't. As to the indexing, that's a new feature as I understand it; it will automatically index the files/folders its unzipping unless you explicitly suppress that behavior with a command-line switch.
Aug 28, 2008
Might anyone from JP Soft weigh in on this? Is it a bug? Is it intended functionality? Am I misunderstanding something? Thanks.
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