Update DESCRIPT.ION definition

Sep 12, 2009
It's high time that the file description definition was updated, http://www.jpsoft.com/ascii/descfile.txt is getting ridiculously outdated.

1. There is no mention of long file names.
2. There is nothing about quoting file names, which is now apparently done for all file names, even for ancient DOS 8.3 file names.
3. No Unicode support.

No matter who has the intellectual property of the DESCRIPT.ION file, there are several other programs that use it. Which is actually a very good thing. So perhaps it is time to update the definition so that those other programs, like Total Commander, can add support for Unicode file name descriptions.

My suggestion is to encode the Unicode file names using UTF-8. That should keep older programs from choking on the newfangled file names.
Nov 18, 2015
Program "FAR Manager" uses UTF-8 encoding to write the file "descript.ion".
In addition, the program will automatically recognize the file "descript.ion" encoded byte file written in UTF-8, using compliance with the Unicode standard for the format of the text file.