Fixed Update to 18.00.25 not ok

Sep 18, 2008
After updating from 18.00.24 to 18.00.25 TCMD is not startable. Error 0xc000007b.
Environment is Win7 64 bit, tcmd64.
I deinstalled 18.00.25 and tried to install newest level from jpsoft, same problem. I went back to 18.00.24 that is ok.
Any idea what i can do ?
May 30, 2008
Same here, but with .26. First the installer complained about an error it couldn't handle.
I killed the process and restarted it, and the installer worked properly..or so I think.
However, trying to start TCC after install caused same/similar to the above (I reverted immediately to .24).

W7 x64 SP1. I use 64bit tcmd.