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Updated plugins (Attn: dcantor)

There are new 4UTILS and 4CONSOLE plugins in ftp://lucky.syr.edu/4plugins.
I changed the behavior of @IPTOHEX as dcantor requested.
In 4CONSOLE, CSBFIND now accepts regular expressions (only!, but a plain string is still matched literally). I got rid of CFIND (which invoked the console "Find" dialog) and replaced it with SYSMENU (follow SYSMENU with the letters you want pressed in the system menu). I use it like this:

v:\> alias @@Ctrl-F
sysmenu e f
(console "Find" dialog)
v:\> alias @@Ctrl-P
sysmenu p
(console "Properties" dialog)
Thanks, Vince. %@IPTOHEX[] now yields, as expected.
Thanks, Vince. %@IPTOHEX[] now yields, as expected.
It was actually easier than using the network functions .... just scan for 4 unsigned numbers less than 256 separated by periods and write them out in hex ... knocked a few bytes off the plugin!
Control-F expands aliases by default. You can add a line NormalKey=Ctrl-F to your .INI file somewhere in the [4NT] section to de-assign it.
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