updater.exe not catching updates

Apr 2, 2011
North Carolina, USA
C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD28\updater.exe

is not checking for updates. I'm now using Win10 so do I need to call it in a BTM ? Also I did updater.exe /? and it did not say what command line options were acceptable. I seem to recall /checknow but not sure of others from older versions...

Also the forum search seems to filter out ".exe"......
@rconn - Why does the updater.ini have:


If it doesn't automatically check for updates (in this case, every 2 days) ?
That setting (not documented or supported, and I'm not going to discuss undocumented & unsupported features in third-party apps!) is only valid if you're running the updater service. And you're not.
If it's 3rd party then why does the updater.exe show the following :

File Description and Copywrite both say "JP Software" ?

Is the updater service documented anywhere?
We do not provide any documentation, because it's not supported or documented.

Updater.exe comes from Caphyon and is part of Advanced Installer. But it will not be usable in the way you want without rewriting TCC to support automatic updates. Which is not going to happen.

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