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updater.exe not catching updates

C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD28\updater.exe

is not checking for updates. I'm now using Win10 so do I need to call it in a BTM ? Also I did updater.exe /? and it did not say what command line options were acceptable. I seem to recall /checknow but not sure of others from older versions...

Also the forum search seems to filter out ".exe"......
I have used this for years. It doesn't get much easier.

v:\> alias @@ctrl-u
^e@option /u
How often is it supposed to run? I see from the config:


I guess is that 2 days?
It does not run automatically (and never has). If you want to check for updates, you must do it manually.
Is that the same for all previous versions of updater.exe ?
@rconn - Why does the updater.ini have:


If it doesn't automatically check for updates (in this case, every 2 days) ?
That setting (not documented or supported, and I'm not going to discuss undocumented & unsupported features in third-party apps!) is only valid if you're running the updater service. And you're not.
If it's 3rd party then why does the updater.exe show the following :

File Description and Copywrite both say "JP Software" ?

Is the updater service documented anywhere?

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