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Upgrade process

If I am upgrading from TCMD v18, how can I retain all my settings (including the colors that the board helped me set)? Do I install directly over my current settings?

If so, or not, what all do I need to save in case they are needed in the future?
If you've saved settings in users profile, they will be picked up by updated version.
You just install and use it.
I'm not sure I saved them in the user profile. I just set them (a registry entry for colors, widnow size, position etc. within TCMD and TCC), so they wouldn't be within the user profile would they?

Also, that wouldn't save them in case of the need for reinstall, would it?
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TCMD's tab-system uses many registry entries which are version-specific. for example, in a key like "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JP Software\Take Command 18.0". Any customizations there will not apply to an upgraded version. Depending on where you made your registry settings, and how you use them, a new version might [not] use them.

Beyond that, TCMD.INI is of importance. Figure out where yours is with the command "echo %_ininame". If it's in TCMD's install directory or %programdata then it's in a version-specific place and should be copied to the new install directory. If it's in %localappdata it's not version specific. In either case, uninstalling v18 and/or installing v23 should not disturb it and also in either case it will have to be edited via the OPTION dialog, at least to change TCMD's "comspec" (to the new TCC) and the locations of any files for which there are new locations (e.g., TCSTART.BTM and TCEXIT.BTM which can also be copied from the old installation).
You can tell TCMD to use an XML file instead of registry entries for its window settings by using the XMLSettings directive in TCMD.INI. Then you can simply copy TCMD.XML and TCMD.INI to the new directory.
Does that directive make the /X startup option unnecessary?
The help file is not very helpful here. There are two different links for XMLSettings, one refers to IDE.XML, and the other to TCMD.XML. Putting an entry like 'put this in your INI file' is not really helpful, since the INI files have sections, like [4NT] etc,

Will it create these if I'm not using them, and restart tcmd? Or do i have to do something to export the registry to an XML file?

Would help if there were an "edit INI-file" button somewhere in the 'options' dialog.
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