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Upgrade to v19.10.42 fails

I am on Windows 7 64 bit. Today I upgraded from v19.02.37 x64 to v19.10.42 x64. I had Everything installed on the older version. In the upgrade, I got a message that some files needed to be closed. I closed a bunch, and the upgrade completed. Then I could not run TCMD. I got the message detailed below. I rebooted. I re-downloaded the upgrade from jpsoft.com, ran it, and chose the Repair option. It completed without complaining. I can run TCC without errors. But when I run TCMD, I get an error window titled "CXTPFrameShadowManager:CWtsEventListener: tcmd.exe - System Error"
with the message
"The program can't start because MSVCP140.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."
When I click OK, I get an error window titled
"Error loading Scintilla" with the message
"The Scintilla DLL could not be loaded."
When I click OK, the TCMD window comes up. A few cursory tests - it seems to run OK.
I have also installed the build 42.

1) How can it be to download a version which is not uploaded?

2) It was "announced" as Build 42 on the NORMAL webpage already! WHY, if this is not official? How can be a version not official from your public download page?

3) It was "announced" on page https://jpsoft.com/downloads/v19/tcmdx64update.aiu already!

Sorry, but a partially built test version should not be downloadable public/for public on your download page.

Or do I missunderstand all - in this case SORRY!!

However, I had no problems with the Build 42 till now.

Kind regards!
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