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usage rules ??

I tried to look around for the answer to this question, but can't find it at this point...

What are the rules, for Take Command, on what machines I can use it on??

I've been using tcc/le for years now; before that, I used 4NT for many years, and 4DOS for many years before that. They all allowed me to use one license on multiple machines, as long as I was the only user on all machines where it was installed.

Will I still be able to do that with TC ?? Buy one license, use it on my home desktop, my laptop, and my work desktop?? This would be a minimum requirement for me; otherwise, I'll stick with tcc/le and ConsoleZ... they've served me well, but I feel a desire to continue to support jpsoft, as long as I don't lose capabilities by doing so...

(6) Use of Individual Copies. If you purchased an individual copy of the Software it may be installed for a single person's use on up to three Computers (such as a Computer at work, a Computer at home, and a portable Computer), as long as all Computers are primarily for that person's use at all times, and the Software is not used simultaneously on multiple systems except during active transfer of files between them. (If the Software copy was purchased by your employer, you must obtain your employer's explicit permission before installing the Software on multiple Computers as described above.)
Oh!! It was right there in my copy of the license, I just didn't read far enough!! Sorry about that...
Thanks, I'll pursue my evaluation then...

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