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USB HD problem

Hi to everyone!

I have a 4TB Toshiba HD that I use for copies and backups. The HD has the letter I:
If I suspend the PC for a few hours, once it "wakes up" it seems that the TCMD no longer sees this drive

With the command dir I get

[C:\]dir i:

Il volume nell'unità I è Toshiba4tb Numero di serie del volume: ac29:0929
Directory di I:\*

08/12/2022 21:31 <DIR> Acronis
06/12/2022 00:27 <DIR> Backup
07/12/2020 05:05 4.129.389 Canvio Basics_UM.pdf
30/07/2020 09:48 6.810.886 Instruction Manual for Safety and Comfort.pdf
byte: 10.940.275 file: 2 dir: 2 10.944.512 byte allocati
2.949.086.212.096 byte disponibili

I sync a folder from internal drive D: to I: with the command sync and I get

[C:\]sync /w /s /[!compiled] /[!*.bak] "D:\Database\Home\sinistri" "I:\Backup\Documenti\Web\sinistri"

Uso : SYNC [/A:[[-][+]rhsdaecjot] /CDEGH /I"testo" /JKLM /N[dejnst] /O:[-]adegnrstu /OPQR /Sn /TVWX /WAIT=n] dir1 dir2

As if the sync command no longer sees drive I:

If I check the status of D: and I:

[C:\]echo %@ready[i:]

[C:\]echo %@ready[d:]

It's a bug?

Without going into the technical details, is it possible to know why some commands see it and others don't? Different API?

I'm curious. Does this happen if some app is actually using the drive? What happens if you CDD i:\ in TCC and then, without exiting TCC, let the computer suspend/wake? That will cause TCC to have an open "handle" to the drive and Windows may treat it differently.

Reading about "USB selective suspend" made me wonder about this.

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