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Use of @File Lists with Touch command

I am using TCC v.26 and trying to use the Touch command with the "/Dc" parameter to update the creation datetime stamp on a group of files. It works as expected if I try on an individual file. The documentation indicates this command does work with the @Files option, which is supposed to act on the list of files in the @File, not the @File itself. I have created a small text file with the list of files where I am attempting to change the creation or modify date. Although it does not generate any error, it only changes the datetime stamp on the @File itself. The command is listed below, but I have tried variations without quotes, and with the @ sign at the beginning of the pathname (as implied in the Help for the @File Lists).

Any advice on what I am doing wrong? Thank you.

touch /dc2022-10-24 /tc15:00 D:\Pictures on D drive\Test\"@MyList.txt"
It's not clear to me, but have you named the file "@MyList.txt"? (i.e. included the "@" symbol in the file's name?) If so, that's your problem, see the help for File Lists, at the end of the topic there's a section titled "@File Lists and "@" Signs in File Names" which explains it.

Remove the @ from the filename and it should work:

c:\testing>dir /b

c:\testing>type mylist.txt

c:\testing>touch /dc2022-10-24 /tc15:00 @mylist.txt
24/10/2022 15:00:00.000  file1.txt
24/10/2022 15:00:00.000  file2.txt
24/10/2022 15:00:00.000  file3.txt
Roger - thank you for your very quick response. I did read the section at the bottom of the help statement about the @ sign, but was confused by other examples in the help and thought the @ had to be part of the file name. I removed the @ sign in the file name, but did include it on the command line, and it worked as expected. Thank you!

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