How to? Use TCC.EXE on Windows 2008 Server Core?

I searched the forums, but didn't see that anyone has gotten TCCx64 to work on 2008 R2 Core--or even had a problem trying. I'm just messing with 13.04 trial, and trying to run tcc.exe results in the error "The program can't start because DSOUND.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."

Even if TCC can't be used to replace CMD as the primary shell on a Core install, it would still be mighty nice to have it as an option...
I'm not having any issue with 2008R2 in "full" install; it's specific to the Core version, which cannot have DirectX installed.

My environment is almost 100% virtual (I <3 VMware), so I use Server Core whenever possible, not just because of the security surface area, but because the resource requirements are considerably lower. I've gotten used to doing things from a remote admin station, but there are times when it would just be nicer to have TCC right there on the host...