Using NotePad++ as a (somewhat) IDE for TCC-RT


NotePad++ (Notepad++)
NppExec Plugin (Notepad++ Plugins - Browse /NppExec at
TCC-RT (TCC-RT - TCC runtime for Windows batch files)

From NotePad++, create the command to run your TCC-RT code.

Plugins -> NPPExec -> Execute

The code in the following dialog allows me to run TCC code from NotePad++
Adjust the code to reflect the location of tcc.exe on your system.
I have saved this code as tccrt on my system.


From NotePad++, I have the following example code;


Note that I have saved this as testnpp.btm

This is the name of my scratch file, for testing out TCC-RT code.

To run this code from NotePad++, and have the .BTM output display in NotePad++, I press the F6 key to bring up the previous dialog, make sure that the tccrt code is loaded, and click ok.


The TCC code is run, and the output is displayed in the NotePad++ Console.

If you make a change to your code, just press Ctrl-F6 to run it again.

I'm posting this here mainly for my future reference, but it may be of use to others also.

For further Notepad++ fun, here's a keywords file for TCC/LE v14.

(I use TCC/LE and Notepad++ on my WinPE boot image, since they both work under 64-bit Windows PE.)


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Charles, how do I use that file? I think it's (in some sense) installed because the keywords look right. But I'm seeing a rather bizarre combination of bold/regular and no colors.

I did exactly the same thing as Joe. And I'll be tweaking for a while. I'd like to color the names of variable functions. Does anyone know where I might find a complete plain-text list? Will HH.EXE still unpack the help file (if so, I forgot the command)? Maybe I could squeeze a list out of the source for the index.
Hey @vefatica
I tried to get a list of TCC Commands by doing;
e:\utils>copy "" commandnames.htm => E:\Utils\commandnames.htm
     1 file copied
e:\utils>tpipe /simple=16 /input=commandnames.htm | *view
...but the results are not quite what you are looking for.

Hey again @vefatica you can de-compile the help file as follows;
hh.exe -decompile e:\utils\tcmd\ tcmd.chm
I moved the tcmd.chm to my e:\utils\tcmd\ folder when I did this.

Thanks. That made it easy to get a list of variable function names.

v:\help26> do x in /P `dir /k /m /b f_*` ( echos ^s%@right[-2,%@name[%x]] )
 abs afscell afsmount afspath afssymlink afsvolid afsvolname agedate alias altname arrayinfo ascii assoc attrib average b64decode b64encode balloc bfree bpeek bpeekstr bpoke bpokestr bread bsize bwrite ...
Note that the files in the TCC Plugin SDK;


...contain lists that can be used with NotePad++