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Using the debugger

I have a script that seems to get complicated - so I'd like to run through it with the debugger.
First: wouldn't it be nice if I could right-click it and have an option to "Open with TCC Debugger"?

So I am a TCC-Session, have CD'ed to the directory where that .btm resides and do Tools>Debugger to open it. In the "Überwachungs-Fenster" below (don't know the english name - it's the first tab of the bottom-pane which inspects names and values) I have entered _cwd to be able to always watch the current path - and upon starting, that path is not set to the dir where TCC was when I opened debugger...
And I could not find any settings to control this - surely I must have missed something?

There is Debugging>"Evalute command" (translated from german) where you can enter a command and have it executed. So I called that and entered "CD {DesiredPath}" and pressed Ente - nothing happened! No message, no update of _cwd. Do I expect the wrong thing or is there a bug? (I updated to 25.00.16)

Also: the "Inspector" has a nice menu of all variables that appears on right-clicking any cell in the grid. I'd like to suggest to limit that to the "Name"-column. And the "Copy"-Button does not copy!
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If you start the debugger from Take Command (Tools->Debugger), it will open in the default Take Command directory, not the current directories of the TCC / CMD / etc. tabbed sessions. If you run BDEBUGGER from the TCC command line, it will start in the current TCC directory.

The "Evaluate Command" dialog displays the string result of the command you entered - and "CD path" doesn't return a string. So you got no message.

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