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V 18.00.17 installed

In noticed in the german installer version a mix of german and english progress reports. Localisation doesn't seem to be complete.

On the first start of TCMD 32bit a wild array of console windows fill my screen for a split second, which makes me wonder very much what happens. On the first start of TCMD x64 one screen (in a tab) appears for a split second.

If you are executing some batch there, it might be more customer friendly to first explain what you intend to do befor executing, or hide these windows better.
Whatever you do, one or several console windows open, some text appears too fast for me to read, and then TCMD starts (that is 32bit, x64 opens just a tab to fast to read and closes it). At least that's the impression I get, it is really too fast to read anything.

That behaviour might worry the user what gets done to his system in the background. It worries me :-)
What you're seeing is the updater & Windows Installer running cleanup batch files. They're being passed to TCMD and executed in tab windows. The x64 and x86 TCMD's are doing the same thing; since x64 is substantially faster you're only seeing a flash.

Not much I can do about this, but I don't think it's terribly significant. The 3% of TCMD users still running 32-bit will suffer an extra .1 seconds.

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