V File Viewer

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Jun 3, 2008
For anyone who may be interested, there is a pretty nice GUI file
manager that is a good adjunct to 4DOS/4NT/TCC. It has a rather odd
name: "V-The File Viewer" and is located at http://www.fileviewer.com/

I've been using it for about a year and I'm pretty impressed with it.

I found it when I was looking for a GUI to use when managing files in
certain situations where a GUI is more convenient than a command
prompt. Naturally, I needed something that was DESCRIPT.ION aware.

I found V and gave it a try and found it's handling of file
descriptions flawless, so I purchased it. You can see/add/edit
descriptions in the GUI and the descriptions move with the file as
would be expected.

They also have a portable version at http://www.fileviewer.com/U3.html
for those that need it.

I'm not associated with them in any way other than as a very satisfied
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