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Declined V11 suggestions

- Full local and global tables for ALIAS, with inheritance rules matching
those for C variables in nested blocks; ALIAS defaulting to /L or /G based
on command line or explicit option

- SETLOCAL changing ALIAS mode default to LOCAL, and importing all current
global definitions into a LOCAL table

- access to the NTFS indexing capability, allowing creation of our own
indexes, e.g., indexing files based on @INODE to make location of hard
linked files faster

- with the indexing, allow backups to enumerate hard links, but create only
a single backup copy for file bodies

- a "global variable" table, similar to global aliases; command SET/G sets a
global variables; when a variable is expanded, if there is a local variable,
it's used, if only a global one exists, that's the one expanded - same
inheritance rules as C variables in nested blocks. SETLOCAL would not affect
global variables.

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