V13 RC2 build numbers

From: rconn
|| The builds of TCCLE and TCCLEx64 released yesterday and today are not
|| identical, but the build number is the same: 15.
|| WAD?
| Not reproducible here; they both show 13.0.16.
| Exactly what are you referring to with the "build number" - the
| result of
| VER, the updater screen, or ??

Sorry, I was not precise enough. I refreed to the installers downloaded from the FTP site, not the installed programs (no x64 platform here, could never install that version). I used the @VERINFO[] function, which shows 13.0.15.
Additional information: attempting to execute the latter of these installers
2011-09-08 16:42:00 5,416,888 CAEEE9C0 tccle.exe
fails with a message indicating product is already installed.

I normally download the installer from the FTP site, and execute it, rather than start TCC/LE just tu use its internal update option.