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v16 Spawning a PowerShell tab

I am looking for how best to setup a means of spawning a new tab running an alternate shell such as Cygwin or powershell. I have been unable to locate any good reference on the subject. I can use the tabs editor in the takecommand options to run powershell as the start up program for tcc but that seems somewhat counter productive (running a shell under a shell)

Is there a better way?
If you make PowerShell TCMD's "COMSPEC" (not recommended) it won't run in TCC, it'll replace TCC.
You can specify more than one start-up tab (Options\Tabs\Tab1, Tab2, ...). Specify PS (or another shell) and it will be the only thing running in that tab.
Also check out the "tabbed tool bar", There you can create a button which makes PS (or any shell) start in a new tab,
Yeah use the Tabbed Toolbar feature in TCMD to create buttons that can quickly launch shells. I have buttons for TCC, CMD, and PowerShell.

Also if you want any of those shells to open on startup, go to the TCMD Options screen, Tabs tab, and define the tabs at the bottom. My TCMD always starts with TCC in tab1 and PowerShell in tab2.



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