V19 fails to install on Win7-64bit, installer says:

Dec 21, 2015
[SEH_AV_READ_BADPTR] ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) at address [0x045e9b36]

Advanced Installer Enhanced UI 12.6.1 build 67698
*** Stack Trace (x86) ***

[0x045e9b36] DllGetClassObject()
[0x5c343677] -----
[0x652e6373] -----
[0x20226578] -----
[0x67726174] -----
[0x69647465] -----
[0x64223d72] -----
[0x7568a8c0] Ordinal733()
[0x754f1d66] SHGetMalloc()
[0x754f1e4c] SHGetMalloc()
[0x754f1eaf] ShellExecuteExW()
[0x001e2957] -----
[0x001e8864] -----
[0x001e9d73] -----
[0x001e882f] -----
[0x001349db] -----
[0x001e7ffb] -----
[0x0018537a] -----
[0x778fe394] RtlInitUnicodeString()
[0x778fe0e2] RtlAllocateHeap()
[0x0013dbcd] -----
[0x0013e62a] -----
[0x0013e62a] -----
[0x0013dd84] -----
[0x0013dbcd] -----
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