[v22.00.41] sync command flag "/X" does not work

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Thank you, Rex.

I found out with a test file that it SOMETIMES works, sometimes not ... related to drive (copy) speed somehow or so? I don't know ...

Also I have the same behaviour with the COPY command ...

But the test file was always successfully copied in all this cases!

Please note that I had this behaviour NEVER with the XCOPY console command with flag /M in the Win console prompt!

Maybe if you make enough tests - even with enough large file(s) and slow drives - you can reproducible it?

Have a good day!
I tried this. I started with this.
v:\> attrib
___A______C_I__  V:\0.btm
___A____L___I__  V:\1.bat
___A____L___I__  V:\1.btm
___A____L___I__  V:\1.cmd
___A____L___I__  V:\2.bat
___A____L___I__  V:\2.btm
___A____L___I__  V:\2.cmd
___A________I__  V:\4.cmd
___A________I__  V:\4console.zip
___A________I__  V:\add.vb

Every file in v:\ had the archive attribute.  I gave this command; e:\synctest was empty.
[code]sync /m /x /s /y v:\ e:\synctest\
It looked OK. Here's the end of the forward copying.
SYNC: V:\ => E:\synctest\
V:\math\squarewalk.txt => E:\synctest\math\squarewalk.txt
V:\redist8\vcredist_x86.exe => E:\synctest\redist8\vcredist_x86.exe
V:\redist8\VCREDI~1.EXE => E:\synctest\redist8\VCREDI~1.EXE
V:\redist8\VCREDI~3.EXE => E:\synctest\redist8\VCREDI~3.EXE
   160 files copied
But then it continued a little. What's this all about?
SYNC: E:\synctest\ => V:\
E:\synctest\1.bat =>! V:\1.bat
E:\synctest\1.btm =>! V:\1.btm
E:\synctest\1.cmd =>! V:\1.cmd
E:\synctest\2.bat =>! V:\2.bat
E:\synctest\2.btm =>! V:\2.btm
E:\synctest\2.cmd =>! V:\2.cmd
     6 files copied
In the end, the archive attribute had been removed from everything in v:\ EXCEPT those few files which were copied (?) back to v:\.
v:\> attrib
___A______C____  V:\0.btm
___A____L______  V:\1.bat
___A____L______  V:\1.btm
___A____L______  V:\1.cmd
___A____L______  V:\2.bat
___A____L______  V:\2.btm
___A____L______  V:\2.cmd
______N________  V:\4.cmd
______N________  V:\4console.zip
______N________  V:\add.vb
In e:\synctest, all the links became copies of the target ...
e:\synctest> d [012].*
2018-03-26  21:45          11,591  0.btm
2018-03-26  21:45          11,591  1.bat
2018-03-26  21:45          11,591  1.btm
2018-03-26  21:45          11,591  1.cmd
2018-03-26  21:45          11,591  2.bat
2018-03-26  21:45          11,591  2.btm
2018-03-26  21:45          11,591  2.cmd
... and all files in e:\synctest except these few have the archive attribute.
e:\synctest> attrib
___A___________  E:\synctest\0.btm
______N________  E:\synctest\1.bat
______N________  E:\synctest\1.btm
______N________  E:\synctest\1.cmd
______N________  E:\synctest\2.bat
______N________  E:\synctest\2.btm
______N________  E:\synctest\2.cmd
___A___________  E:\synctest\4.cmd
___A___________  E:\synctest\4console.zip
___A___________  E:\synctest\add.vb
But back in v:\, those which were links are still links.
v:\> d [012].*
2018-03-26  21:45          11,591  0.btm
2018-03-26  13:10     <SYMLINK>    1.bat [V:\0.btm]
2018-03-25  19:54     <SYMLINK>    1.btm [V:\0.btm]
2018-03-26  13:04     <SYMLINK>    1.cmd [V:\0.btm]
2018-03-26  13:10     <SYMLINK>    2.bat [V:\1.btm]
2018-03-25  19:54     <SYMLINK>    2.btm [V:\1.btm]
2018-03-26  13:04     <SYMLINK>    2.cmd [V:\1.btm]
I don't understand it all, but a few things in v:\ wound up with the archive attribute still set.