v23 environment oddity

Jan 13, 2013
I just installed take command v 23 and I noticed that my prompt is duplicated. That is, i see this:
19:24 c:\users\rob\Documents>19:24 c:\users\rob\Documents>

However, when I start take command v22 and have the tabs setting point to tcc v 23, I do not see this. This duplication of the prompt only happens when I run take command v 23.

This has persisted after a reboot.
What's going on here.


Staff member
May 14, 2008
You're not running TCMD v23, you're running a beta of v23 (re-read your email -- v23 won't be released until 6/26).

That said, I am unable to reproduce this on any of the systems here (and none of the beta testers have reported it). If you detach the tab, do you see the same thing in the TCC window? (If so, it's not a TCMD issue.)
Jan 13, 2013
Here is my tcstart.bat.
I use it on my work computer as well as my home computer; that's why there is a test to see if the username is rob.

if %_transient eq 1 .or. %_pipe eq 1 quit
set PATH=%PATH%;%userprofile%
set PATH=C:\Program Files\git\bin;%PATH%

if %_4ver ge 9 color bright white on black
prompt $m$s$p$g
::echo off

IF %_shralias EQ 1 CANCEL
iff %@left[3,%username] eq rob then
echo Rob
alias/r "%programdata%\JP Software\ALIASDEF.TXT"
echo not rob
alias/r %userprofile%\aliasdefFH.txt
rem plugin /L \inetdnld\sysutils.dll I have since created JPsoft\TCMD12\PLUGINS\ and put sysutils.dll in there. And it works.
IFF EXIST "C:\Program Files\Vim\vim73\vim.exe" THEN
alias/r "%programdata%\JP Software\aliasvim73.txt"
echo vim 7.3
ELSEIFF EXIST "C:\Program Files (x86)\Vim\vim80\vim.exe" THEN
alias/r "%programdata%\JP Software\aliasvim8.txt"
echo vim 8.0
ELSEIFF EXIST "C:\Program Files\Vim\vim74a\vim.exe" THEN
alias/r "%programdata%\JP Software\aliasvim74a.txt"
echo vim 7.4a
ELSEIFF EXIST "C:\Program Files\Vim\vim74\vim.exe" THEN
alias/r "%programdata%\JP Software\aliasvim74.txt"
echo vim 7.4
ELSEIFF EXIST "%userprofile\Vim\vim74\vim.exe" THEN
alias/r "%programdata%\JP Software\aliasvim74.txt"
echo vim 7.4
ELSEIFF EXIST "C:\Program Files (x86)\Vim\vim74\vim.exe" THEN
alias/r "%programdata%\JP Software\aliasvim74.txt"
echo vim 7.4
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