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Fixed [v26 Beta RC2]: Crash after Options, Take Command, Advanced


After I go to the Options, Take Command, Advanced and press on OK, the program crashes ...

System: Windows 10 [Version 10.0.18363.752] x64 (Swiss German Windows, if this is important ...)
I don't get a crash, but when I do as Alpengreis said ... TakeCommand ... Options ... TakeCommand ... Advanced ... OK ... I get a "The parameter is incorrect" message box.

I toggled (one at a time) every setting on that tab (didn't mess with Descriptions, all empty). "OK" continued to give me the message box. I looked at the settings on the other tabs. None looked outrageous. I simply can't dismiss the TCMD options dislog with "OK".
Already tried your suggestion with no tcmd.ini before (sorry, I forgot to mention) - same behaviour. Also, I can't give a log. I will TRY to find out more yet ... and "of course", I have no problem with v25.00.28 ...

Interesting, thanks for testing!
With build 23 I no longer get the message box when I "OK" in TCMD's option dialog.

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