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WAD [v26 Beta RC3]: MSGBOX color problems


There seems a problem with the hexcolor for parameter /B and /F for the MSGBOX command. Somehow, it's "vice-versa", an example:

This should make a red background:

msgbox /bFF0000 OK test

Unfortunately, it generates a blue background. If works only, if I move the value for red to the end (value for blue) - like this:
msgbox /b0000FF OK test

which is not correct for RED,GREEN,BLUE format ...

PS; System: Windows 10 [Version 10.0.18363.752] x64 (Swiss German Windows, if this is important ...)
WAD - and MSGBOX has behaved this way for years (since v21).

The help is a little misleading here - the values are in RGB binary format, not string format. R is the least significant 8 bits, and B the most significant. TCC reads the entire number as a single RGB value; it doesn't parse the string and reverse the order. So a value of FF8844 means Blue FF, Green 88, Red 44.

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