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v28 forcibly replace console icon and leave it as that

I just tested every version from v25 with a simple script.

v25 to v27, the icon is left untouched.
v28 immediately replaces console icon and it remains broken until I close and restart the console.
Same system, same user, same console settings, SAME TERMINAL WINDOW.
Running same btm script (just VER /R to confirm interpreter version).
25..27 no effect on console icon. 28 icon is changed.

Changes to interpreter executable's icon, of course.
From one before to TCC icon.
What did it have before and how did it get an icon that was not TCC's icon?

Here, I can set the console's icon to anything I want. Running the BTM doesn't change it.

IDK. I can easily reproduce it on two systems.
Win 10 Home (my NB) and Win 10 Pro (work PC).
With both TCC and TCC-RT. With and without /B switch.
2022-01-27 12_58_52-{C__Programs_TCC-28} - Far 2.0.1807 x86.png
Using the hard peering method of troubleshooting I found one difference.
The issue is not reproduced for v28 as well, if V2 console is enabled.

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