Variable indirection

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May 24, 2010
Northlake, Il
I would like to place the name of a variable into another variable and then later evaluate the "outer" variable to get the value the "inner" variable. Similar to the following code sequence:

Set Sample=This is a sample
Set Indirect=Sample
Echo somethinginvolving Indirect

To yield:

This is a sample

It seems to me I've done this in the past, but I don't remember how I did it and have been unable to find out how to do it from the help system. Can somebody please either tell me how to do this or inform me of its impossibility?
May 30, 2008
Here's an example using the batch file parameters %1 %2 ... %N via indirection I recently used in my own batch code.

do i = 1 TO %#
set header=%header%``%[%i]``%@char[9]%``

That is, just use %[%variableToBeIndirected]

May 29, 2008
Orion Arm, MWG
Using the same values you used in your original post:

set sample=This is a sample
set indirect=sample

Just to confirm:

C:\> echo %sample
This is a sample

C:\> echo %indirect

And I think this is what you're hoping to achieve:

C:\> echo %[%indirect]
This is a sample

For what it's worth, you're not restricted to using only variables
inside the [brackets]. You're also free to use functions (any valid
expression, really) as well. Have fun with it.

-- Dan McMullin
May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
On Fri, 01 Oct 2010 01:24:25 -0400, mathewsdw <> wrote:

|I would like to place the name of a variable into another variable and then later evaluate the "outer" variable to get the value the "inner" variable. Similar to the following code sequence:
|Set Sample=This is a sample
|Set Indirect=Sample
|Echo somethinginvolving Indirect
|To yield:
|This is a sample

v:\> Set Sample=This is a sample

v:\> Set Indirect=Sample

v:\> echo %[%indirect]
This is a sample
May 24, 2010
Northlake, Il
Thanks, guys!!! But the only reason I'm not deleting this thread is to thank you for your answers! But I can't resist mentioning that the reason I was going go close and delete this thread is that I knew the answer; the reason it wasn't working was a really, really, really stupid error that I just didn't see! But, again, the problem is solved and thank you very much!!!

P. S. Obviously you guys are real nightowls like I am. Is this a programmer thing??? :)
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