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Very slow performance with TCC-RT

I have a long program (several thousand lines) that I've been running for years under TCC ver 13, but it's running very slow under TCC-RT -- about 5-6 times slower. (The program is under continual development, so it's not "old" in the sense of "written long ago".)

Basically, line-by-line it reads in pipe-delimited records from a text file, parses the line into fields, does some data massaging for the line, puts together an output line, then uses ECHO >> to append that line to a text file. There are anywhere from about 25-110 records. There are several places where a field is passed to another .btm for lookup and then those values are returned.

Because I originally thought the program could run under TCC/LE, there are no user-defined functions or array variables. There are a lot of GOSUBs. But the overall code is very simple--for instance, loops are done with a line label and GOTOs. Most of the code is just reformatting things, such as changing 20170106 to 2017-01-06 or separating JOHNSON ,HARRY into separate variables.

I have the program running on 2 different PC's, one with both TCC ver 13 and TCC-RT, and the other with RT only.

Under TCC 13 the program runs pretty fast but on either PC under RT it is VERY slow. I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this and what might be causing it. This is the only program where I've seen a substantial difference in speed.
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Unfortunately, I can't upload it because without the data it would be useless and the data is subject to federal HIPAA confidentiality requirements. Also, a bunch of things are hard-coded, so the directory and subdirectory structures would have to be recreated.

However, although there is a significant difference in speed, I set up some timers and actually timed the processing of an individual record under RT, which is only 2 seconds. Considering the amount of processing that goes on, that's not bad.

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