view command not working

Aug 16, 2008
I just noticed that the view command is not working on my machine. To be precise, "view /h" and "view /w(indow)" do work but "view FILE" doesn't. No error, nothing. Same thing happens when I doubleclick the v executable. This happens with the latest TC 14 as well as 15 beta. V from the Prineas web site does work.

What can I do to debug this?
64-bit Take Command on Windows 8 64-bit
To be precise, "view /h" and "view /w(indow)" do work

I assume you mean "view /h FILE" and "view /w FILE"?

but "view FILE" doesn't

I can think of no reason why "view /h FILE" will work and "view FILE" will not work. Are you sure this is the case?

Are you perhaps using "v FILE" instead of "view FILE"?

Same thing happens when I doubleclick the v executable.

This is expected. You cannot run v.exe as a standalone app. It needs to be run by Take Command - either by using "VIEW" or by clicking the "V" button on the Explorer toolbar.
Aug 16, 2008
I assume you mean "view /h FILE" and "view /w FILE"?

I can think of no reason why "view /h FILE" will work and "view FILE" will not work. Are you sure this is the case?

Are you perhaps using "v FILE" instead of "view FILE"?

"view /h" just shows the help. "view /w" opens an explorer window to pick a file.

"view FILE" works in TC 14 but faiils without any hint on TC 15. I copied the v binaries from the old TC14 installation to the TC15 directory without any success. But the TC15 V binaries work with the TC14 installation. I begin to think that this is just another annoying licensing issue because I installed TC15 into the "old" TC14 directory.

On a VM I installed TC15 to C:... and there VIEW works. I copied the files to my D: drive and I get the message that the evaluation period has expired(!!!) - I installed the beta just yesterday for the first time; 30 days ago it wasn't even released.

Still I'd like to troubleshoot the issue...!
I copied the files to my D: drive and I get the message that the evaluation period has expired

VIEW will not run without a valid TC15 license. Can you run Take Command? What does the TC About box display?

Still I'd like to troubleshoot the issue

There should be a file called V.log in one of the following directories:

C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\V or C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\V

It will contain an error line if VIEW cannot obtain a valid license.
Aug 16, 2008
Ah, bingo, I ran a Process Monitor log and saw that V was logging to V.log. Let's see what we got here:

"Windows Version 6.1 (Build 7601), Platform = 2
Version 14.90.3 TC (Beta 3) (x64)
Command Line: v /tcmd:15 tcstart.btm

11-03-13 13:05:38 (531260718): Take Command CU not licensed: m_nStage=109, stage=2, User Name: Thorsten Kampe
11-03-13 13:05:38 (531260734): Take Command not licensed - no user name found: m_nStage=109, stage=2"


I just wasted hours of my life troubleshooting another stupid license issue. I guess my decision to migrate from Tcmd to ConEmu on the weekend was justified. If I troubleshoot issues with ConEmu I'm troubleshooting /real/ issues, not issues that are artificially imposed onto the innocent user to combat "license issues".

Thorsten, who is really pissed off
Oct 29, 2008
I had this same problem after entering my registration information as an administrative user. Try entering your license key again as the regular user. Unfortunately, this means entering it under each user you want to use.

ref: VIEW doesn't work again
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