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VIEW ... CommandPrompt ... TC21 ... unregistered

I configured VIEW to start TCC21 instead of CMD (tools\CommandPrompt). When I use that tool, I get a message box saying that my TCC21 trial has expired.

Also, VIEW /R doesn't do anything
And if I choose "Register" and enter my key, it says the key does not correspond to v21. This hasn't otherwise affected v21. If (not that it was necessary) I enter the same key in v21's OPTION\Register dialog, I get a successful registration.
I have only one v21 installation; it has both TCC and TCMD.

V ... Preferences/options ... Editor/CMD ... Use the following command processor instead of CMD ... if I give g:\tc21\tcc.exe (option "/q") and use the tool, I get the expired dialog. I can't rely on COMSPEC not changing to CMD because TCC itself changes COMSPEC to CMD whenever it gets WM_SETTINGSCHANGE, "Environment".
I must apologize again. It was my mistake, in fact, two mistakes. 1. I forgot that I had TCC installed, and 2. when navigating in V to find TCC.EXE, I clicked on the TCC21 folder instead of the TC21 folder

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