VIEW not "screen reader friendly:

I am blind and use a screen reader called JAWS For Windows to provide screen access in speech and braille. I am finding the VIEW command to be very difficult to use. The biggest problem at the moment is that JAWS can't keep track of the current position on the screen because VIEW doesn't use the normal caret as an editor does. How does VIEW indicate the current position? Perhaps if I knew that I could tell JAWS what to track but I'm not sure if that would be enough. I suspect that a custom JAWS script would have to be written to handle VIEW and that's beyond my skill level. Does VIEW/V's author know of anyone who is using the program with JAWS and how they've made it work?

I understand that it is possible for a program to tell whether a screen reader is present. Perhaps a future version of V could take advantage of this and modify its behavior for screen readers.

-- Howard
Charles Dye wrote:

> Perhaps it would make sense for you to use LIST instead? It's still in
> there.
Of course. That's what I intend to do. But I was hoping to take advantage
of some of the more advanced features of VIEW and got a little frustrated
when I couldn't even do the most basic stuff. I wanted to let the author
know. I also hope that Rex will continue to support and possibly enhance
LIST in future versions of TCMD. A word wrap feature would be nice ...

Thanks, but that's just a dumb line wrap that will split a line in the
middle of a word. I'll try Charles's filter.

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>>**A word wrap feature would be nice ...
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> LIST /W file wraps text at the right margin.
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>> Howard
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> Dennis
Perhaps a future version of V could take advantage of this and modify its behavior for screen readers.
Hi Howard,

Unfortunately, V does not use a caret to indicate the current position.

By default, the current line is displayed in a different color (which can be configured in the Color Options).

I will look at including a caret in a future version - but I can't see it happening any time soon.

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