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VIEW PRINT /Wrap doesn't work

Continuing my saga with VIEW PRINT...
I have been successfully executing this:
VIEW %line /P /Font:"Lucida Console: 10" /LM:0.75 /Header:"%%e;%%f;Page %%p"
Then I tried:
VIEW %line /P /Font:"Lucida Console: 10" /LM:0.75 /RM:0.75 /Header:"%%e;%%f;Page %%p" /Wrap
The RightMargin did work. The Wrap did not work. I tried it in another location on the line, and it did not work.
I could only get it to work by invoking the Print Dialog Box (executing VIEW file /PD) and checking the Wrap long lines box and saving it in the one profile I have been using. It was not straight foward to get the checked box to be sticky; I had to do it in a few ways for it to stick. This is another bug, but minor.

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