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Virtual network drive filename completion doesn’t get directories

I run a piece of software called S-Drive by Seagate. It allows access to my 2TB personal cloud from anywhere via a mapped drive letter. I was noticing that TCC and TCMD will not do filename complete especially directories unless I put CD as the first part of the command.

From the root level, there is currently 1 directory called PERSONAL CLOUD. If I hit tab from s:\ it will go through all of the options that I have in the config file and never get to PERSONAL CLOUD. Even if I type in pers it is never found. The only way I can make TCC find it is to type CD first in the command line then TCC finds the directories on the "S Drive". Putting CD in the command defeats one of the reasons that I have been using JPSoftware since the 4DOS era. Still, use it under DOSBox.

George Worley
[FOX] Ultimate Translator