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Wait for GUI app to finish

What could be causing tcc to wait for a GUI app (e.g. notepad++) to finish?
If the app is already open it will switch to it and return.
If it is not open it will launch it and wait til it is closed.

Cmd behaves OK.
Yes, I have checked that "Wait for external apps" is not checked!
Is this when you start the application from the TCC command line, or from a batch file? The default for batch files, regardless of the "Wait for external apps" setting, is to wait. See the topic "Waiting for Applications to Finish". BTW - what version / build is your TCC?
I had that problem with one program when I converted to Win 7 and TCC 64-bit. I had always called a graphics viewer (PMVIEW.EXE) via an alias because it was not in the PATH. Calling the 32-bit version of PMVIEW worked under XP, but calling the 64-bit version of PMVIEW with 64-bit TCC did not return to the prompt until the viewer was closed.

The fix was simple. I changed the alias to use START and it works as expected.

For some reason I don't understand, PMVIEW seems to be in the PATH now, but if I just enter "pmview" at the TCC prompt, it waits. I always use the alias anyway so that doesn't matter to me.
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