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Want to buy OLDER versions of JPSoft SW


First off moderators if this is not acceptable or not allowed please close the thread down.

However, if this is acceptable discussion I am looking to buy older versions (i.e. versions no longer sold by JPSoft) of 4DOS/4NT/TC.

I am a vintage computer enthusiast and have a number of vintage (i.e. ancient, think IBM 5150s, ATs, 386s and up) systems that I would love to have running 4DOS/4NT/TC running on (as appropriate).

This would be for a full purchase of all ORIGINAL items (i.e. the Original Disks, manuals, boxes). No copies at all.

If you have older versions you no longer use and wish to pass them on to a good home please contact me. Thank you.
Most of us have upgraded, and the licence for the earlier ones remain the same throughout (although the validation key changes).

I can't recall ever seeing a box (they're usually enclosed in a bundle or something like this).

Getting hold of licence keys may be the hard part, as to whether you could get licences for early issues of this. I was looking at 4NT 1.x personally, as i am generally known as an expert on 1990-2000 software, but one must ultimately see if you can 'buy into' this upgrade stream. I did get some other old software though

Thanks for the info and the response. I fully understand the need for upgrades. Unfortunately, when running older HW it just doesn't make sense to run the latest/greatest version of the SW. I find that it is best to run period appropriate SW. I have spoken to Rex at JP Soft and unfortunately they are VERY limited in what versions of the SW they can generate keys for. Basically anything that was designed to run on Win2k and below is out of the question.

I think my first exposure was to 4DOS 3.x back in the day and I printed the manual off of the included text file on a Panasonic KXP-1124 using a utility known as 4Print (4 pages on one piece of paper). I still have that printed manual in a binder on my shelf. Having said that I do own version 6.x of 4DOS with the manual and it is nice. Even if it does not include a license/validation key I'd still be interested in purchasing original manuals/paperwork/disks of older versions.

Thank you.