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Warning from MSE

I 2-clicked a shortcut to "iexplore www.jpsoft.forums" and almost immediately got this. Googling for that file name turned up nothing.
That's not the right URL, it should be:


But I don't get any MSE error; I just get a "not found" message in the browser.
Indeed, that's the one I used. I just remembered it wrong. It did take me to the forums. And, BTW, your link looks like "[title]".
Again today, as soon as I visited these forums.

2017-03-08T21:25:54.180Z DETECTION Trojan:Win32/Fuery.B!cl file:E:\Temp\Low\71kdvsip.exe

> [title]

Look at the link and see if it helps. Also might want to try another A/V program....
Here's a little more info (from the system event log);

I'm 99.999% sure the problem is entirely on your end. Either your antivirus is wonky -- or your system is.
It's my computer at work (which is a lot less likely to be wonky than the one at home). Yes, it's strange, but the observations are indisputable. A file was found, ID'd as dangerous, and quarantined ... two days in a row ... as soon as I connected to the forums. That infection typically comes from compromised web sites. Did you notice that the system event log ID'd the app as wscript.exe? What do you make of that?
I did everything you did, on four different computers, and had no problems at all.

wscript is the Windows Scripting Host, which is unlikely to have anything to do with accessing the forums.

It's also unlikely that you alone have experienced a malware attack by the JP Software forums.

I'd suggest trying another antivirus app and see if it shows anything.
I didn't expect it to be repro'd. And I also think an attack from the forums is unlikely.

Can you recommand another AV app?

It's strange. This only happens with IE (that is, not with FireFox, the default). And it only happens at work (where I started using an IE shortcut only yesterday).
I use Kaspersky at home and Symantec is on my work computer. No issues.

Only IE and being detected by MSE; sounds like Microsoft is afraid of itself. :)