Was there a forum upgrade?

May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
Was there a firum upgrade? It looks all different. My first impression was negative but I'll give it time.
Hopefully the new notification e-mail design isn't done yet either. :happy: The "View this thread" button went from a nice white text on a blue background for the first 2 posts in this thread..


..to almost no contrast in the subsequent notification e-mails.


I can only get a better contrast by looking at my screen from odd angles. Heh
Rex, do you want comments? The "Default" style isn'e loading correctly (it was earlier).

The "UI.X(child)" style loads OK. It has a lot of wasted vertical real estate ("More ... +" strip and between forum summary and last post). And then there's that enormous "Can't find a topic" box.

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