Weather forecast

Another fun project involvong TPIPE. This is a first attempt and will probably evolve. I don't know if my list of time descriptions is complete.
copy /q "" t:\forecast.raw

tpipe /input=t:\forecast.raw ^
/grep=3,0,0,1,0,0,0,0,"Highs in the" ^
/simple=16 ^
    "(This Afternoon|Rest Of Today|Rest Of Tonight|Monday Night|Tuesday Night^
    |Wednesday Night|Thursday Night|Friday Night|Saturday Night|Sunday Night^
    "\n\n\x1b[36;1m$0\x1b[0m " ^
/number=2,80 ^
> t:\forecast.txt

type t:\forecast.txt

del /q t:\forecast.*
How did you come up with "zoneid=NYZ018" - please? Also for "zflg=1" please.
When I tried my usual page last night, I was getting redirected there. I can't find a way to navigate there directly. My usual page is
You can get a URL like that one by going to ... FORECAST (menu) ... Local ... click your location on the map.

In the source for that page, look for a line like this:
<p class="myforecast-location"><a href="MapClick.php?zoneid=NYZ018">Zone Area Forecast for Onondaga County, NY</a></p>
I found a more direct way to get that URL. Once you have done the map thing (as I said earlier) there's something like
Zone Area Forecast for Onondaga County, NY
under "Additional Forecasts and Information" (at the bottom). It doesn't have the "&zflg=1"; I'm not sure if that's important.