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Apr 2, 2011
North Carolina, USA

- What's New - no page for version 13 series....

- what causes a change betwen

13.0.bb and 13.01.
13.0.bb and 13.10.
13.1.bb and 14.00.

- The install file (tcmd.exe) window titile still says 13.0 - not 13.01



Staff member
May 14, 2008
> - What's New - no page for version 13 series....

Yes, there is -- it's the "What's New" topic. The subtopics are for
previous versions.

> - what causes a change betwen
> 13.0.bb and 13.01.
> 13.0.bb and 13.10.
> 13.1.bb and 14.00.

Whatever I decide is a significant change. If IMO it's a major upgrade, it
gets a .10 or 14.0 change.

> - The install file (tcmd.exe) window titile still says 13.0 - not 13.01

The installer hasn't ever shown minor versions.
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