What happened?

I executed fromano's command (from another thread) in an empty subdirectory of v:\. It very nearly emptied all of v:\!!!!! There was a lot of good stuff in there. Where did it go? What happened?
v:\empty> copy /A: /B /D /E /F /G /H /J /O:n /S /UF /W /Y /Z /[!Thumbs.db] * ..
Deleting V:\InternetRegistries\Save\condense.exe
Deleting V:\InternetRegistries\Save\delegated-arin-latest
Deleting V:\mtest\my2click64(1)\My2click.exe
Deleting V:\mtest\my2click64(1)\my2clickdll.dll
Deleting V:\stream\test\test.txt
May 20, 2008
OK, it was /W! Damn it! I really screwed things up. In retrospect, it's easy to say that COPY should not delete files (ever).
Sorry Vince, I use that command to back up and keep my x: drive in synch, do you have a trash folder on your v: drive that can restore your files, sorry again, I'll be more careful when I give examples in posts