Where's the User Manual(s)

Sep 12, 2022
I've been happy with my old TCmd V11, I've just installed the trial version TCms 29,
This v29 is obviously very different from tat old v11

And I can't find the very basic: How & where to use initial paramaters like window colors, size, font
Where's the explanations of how to use everthing?
For TCC, try the command OPTION. It will bring up a GUI dialog with many settings. In TCMD, use the menu Options\TakeCommand; it will do the same but for TCMD options. Both option dialogs have a Help button which give brief descriptions of the settings. Again in both cases, there are advanced initialization directives which are not accessible from the dialogs.
I'm not nuts enough to print that, but thanks for that pointer.. That was not in the install pkg, (should've been)
nor was the F1 for help ( never found that in my old V11)...