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WAD Wild Card in Directory @shfolder[25] acting differently

Maybe it's me, JPSOFT, or Microsoft but something changed with @shfolder[25]. I was using a command like dir %@shfolder[25]\**\* to do a search of the common desktop and all its files. This worked fine in TCC 15 on XP and VISTA. I have upgraded to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 and TCC 16. That dir doesn't work anymore. Interestingly dir %@shfolder[0]\**\* works just fine on all systems.
In XP, both @shfolder[25] and @shfolder[0] give me errors due to spaces in "Documents and Settings" unless I use
dir "%@shfolder[25]\**\*"
Note the quotes around %@shfolder[25].
I haven't tried it on 8.1 yet.
Not a bug; Win 7 & Win 8 have a different directory structure.
Actually it is not a W7 W8, shfolder, TC version problem. The situation exist even in XP. dir folder\**\* works just fine in all cases expect if folder is hidden. In that case the command won't find anything unless there is a subfolder in the hidden folder. Perhaps it is an oddity in the Microsoft findfirst function. It seems Microsoft in all its wisdom decided to make the @shfolder[25] hidden by default in W7 and later.

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