Window Class (?) for use in AutoHotKey Script

Dec 21, 2015
This isn't really support, though it *is* an internals question.

I'm using AutoHotKey with Emacs keybindings. I want to disable these inside Take Command. I don't have any experience with AutoHotKey scripts, but it looks like the primary way to detect which program to disable is centered around AHK ahk_class.

What is the name of the class of the .NET (I'm guessing) window or whichever UI element contains Take Command as a whole, or better yet, a Take Command command prompt buffer, assuming AHK supports that?

May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
For TCMD version 19,

The main TakeCommand window has class "XTPMainFrame".
I think the window showing a tab has class "AfxFrameOrView120su".
The hidden TCC console has class "ConsoleWindowClass".
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