Done Window positioning commands and current position function

May 20, 2008
Elkridge, MD, USA
To be able to save current window position and restore it easily it
would be desirable to have a function that returns window position in the
same format required by the /POS option of the commands which use that
option for window positioning. The values returned by the @WINPOS function
are not consistent with the /POS option. A new function, possibly named
@POS[title] do this. If @WINPOS returns the unparsed value of a single
Windows API function, it would be trivial to perform the arithmetic
operations required to translate those values to the format required by the
/POS options and report them as the values of @POS[].
It would shorten coding if @WINPOS and the new function would interpret
an empty parameter string as specifying the current window, similar to many
other functions.
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