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May 14, 2008
WAD (it's behaved this way for at least 15+ years).

Internal commands & externals called from recursive internals (like GLOBAL) always change the title. You just never see it unless you put a pause in the command. Changing this behavior will require a significant parser rewrite (and probably generate new, much more significant bugs) for no discernible benefit.

If you disagree, you can add it to the suggestion forum and try to rally support from other users.
Internal commands & externals called from recursive internals (like GLOBAL) always change the title.
Change it to what ... something inherited from some other app?

I disagree. If I change the "GLOBAL PAUSE" to "GLOBAL ECHO foo", it makes no difference; the title still changes to a rock-solid "g:\tc16\tcc".

And I can't believe it would be hard to change. I can change the the behavior so easily ...
With that I have a rock-solid title displaying what my title prompt describes. Compare this to the pic in my first post.
The only things I know of that could cause the kind of behavior you're seeing is if you have a TITLE or WINDOW command in your TCSTART.
Well I don't. I tried it thinking that you had suggested it might fix things. It didn't and it's gone now. What happens when you do this with TITLEPROMPT set and UpdateTitle=No?

Start\Run ... cmd ... then ... (you've got to wait for GLOBAL's second directory)



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May 14, 2008
It doesn't matter. Whatever I specify on the CMD command line later shows up as the title when I execute GLOBAL.
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WAD. If the command argument does not end with "tcc.exe" (and yours doesn't), TCC will not switch to the "TCC Prompt" default argument. This is by design, as otherwise if you specified a title when starting TCC (i.e., via sui.lpTitle) it would always be overridden with a default title.

In your failcase, you have to:

1) Start TCC from CMD (an uncommon event)
2) Don't use a fully-expanded filename for TCC (an uncommon event which can only happen when you deliberately do it while starting from CMD)
3) Use TITLEPROMPT (an uncommon event)
4) Set UpdateTitle=No (an uncommon event)
5) Run an internal command like GLOBAL which calls the parser recursively (an uncommon event)
6) Pause the internal command so you can see that the title has momentarily reverted to the original one (an uncommon event)

Add all of those together, and you get a 1-in-15-years issue, which IMO at most falls into the "curious output" category, and is not a bug. Or worth a tiny fraction of the time spent talking about it.

If you have an example of why this causes a real problem for you, please post that instead of this example.
I use TITLEPROMPT and UpdateTitle=No for a reason. The only problem is that it's not doing what I want.

You're right, it doesn't happen often. I only stumbled on it testing a GLOBAL routine in a TCC started by TASKENG.EXE.

By the time it happens again (years perhaps) I will have forgotten about this discussion and probably complain again. :-)