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windows 10 1093 strange behaviours.


after upgrade windows 10 1093 it stop upgrade. when my friend start investigate what is ha ppend it start appear strange things. my friend start see manuals in internet. jordi try sfc /scannow and it comment error, after that two dism option check and clean. it dont find . issues. jordi trysafe mode too. here is photos: windows 10 jordi commemt he try windows throubleshooter and it comment error ypu can see it is lile permission error. include there is issue he cant install radeon 14.x, 15.x 16.x it comment video driver error hdmi audio error. jordi try manual install video driver and it comment : unknown operation system. do you have other ideas repair windows 10 1093 becouse he dont want to reinstall. this is SHIT becouse microsoft disnt repair they problems and peoples who buy like my friend wijdows 10 for 200 euros now has to writr herr.

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