Windows 10 truncated window

Look at how Windows 10 chops the bottom half of the line from a console window. I can adjust the window size to fix it, but I few minutes later it is chopped again. Same thing happens with take command TCC 16.03.55 x64 that comes with take command. Windows 7 works fine. tcc.png tc.png
I don't know about your specific problem, but is that what a console window looks like on Windows 10 ... no border?

Does Windows 10 similarly truncate a CMD.EXE console?
I have attached a snapshot of the windows 10 for TCC. It gives a borderless spare Window.

CMD.EXE has the same problem.

If others don't see this, this suggests a video driver problem.

By the way, it would be nice if the name of the initial *.btm file were displayed on the top bar as well as the name of the current executable.