WAD Windows 7 Directory Inconsistencies

Technically, these are probably Windows 7 questions. But it's TCC's behaviour in Windows 7 that is confusing.

So, my main question is: Why do TCC (v12.76) and Windows Explorer see different files in some directories?

For example, TCC can find (dir /a) 4 directories and 0 files in C:\Windows\System32\config\ when Run As Administrator. But Windows Explorer can find 29 files in that same directory, so long as Folder Options are set to display System Files. How can this be?

Second, I'm trying to modify the Computer Management console (so it always starts maximised, for starters). Under WinXP, you start with the following commands:
cd C:\Windows\System32
copy compmgmt.msc compmgmt.msc.bak
compmgmt.msc /a
This creates a backup and starts the console in Authoring mode (so you can customise it).

Now, Windows 7 won't let me save the new version over the top of the old, but I can save it as compmgmt1.msc. In Windows Explorer, I can then delete compmgmt.msc and rename compmgmt1.msc. However, I cannot see compmgmt.msc.bak at all! And when I run compmgmt.msc, none of the settings have been saved.

From TCC, I can see compmgmt.msc.bak and compmgmt.msc but not compmgmt1.msc, and compmgmt.msc is unmodified from its original size/date. If I save the .msc elsewhere and try to copy it here from TCC, access is always denied. Again, this makes no sense.

So, I reiterate: Why do TCC and Windows Explorer see different files in some folders?
And if anyone knows how to replace compmgmt.msc with a modified version (so it runs that way from Administrative Tools), I'd also love to know.
I'm sure I am. There doesn't seem to be a 64-bit version of TCC LE 12.11.
Does this mean I'll have to ignore silly superstition and try v13? Or was there a 64-bit version of v12, but it's not on the ftp site?

Charles Dye

Super Moderator
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May 20, 2008
Albuquerque, NM
I think that's right. If you want to keep the old version, just install TCC/LE x64 v13 to a different directory. (I don't really see a need, though; a major version-number change means very little in LE.)
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