How to? Windows 7 - run TCC as admin w/o UAC intercept

Feb 14, 2012

I can't find that this has been discussed in the forum in the past.

I'm running TCC v13 under Windows 7 Pro.

I use xxcopy for making backups and large file transfers.

I need to run TCC "as administrator" for xxcopy to work properly.

If I either change the TCC shortcut to run as admin, or I right click on the shortcut and choose run as admin, then I get the UAC intercept ("Do you want to allow... to make changes to your computer?").

I can't turn off UAC per employer policy. Is there something I can do to avoid getting the UAC intercept? Or is it something I need to learn to live with? ...thanks!
Feb 14, 2012
For a couple of Windowed programs, I use a utility called UACPass (

My understanding is that it creates a scheduled task for whatever program, and the shortcut for the program is changed to a link to the scheduled task. Is that a hole? Or just a workaround? <shrug>

This works for INCTRL5 and ZTreeWin, which otherwise would UAC me every time I try to run them. (Note that UACPass does give me the intercept, but since I don't run it multiple times a day, it's not an annoyance.)

However, UACPass does not seem to work for TCC. The shortcut target is redirected to point to the scheduled task. The scheduled task won't launch from the Task Scheduler, however, even when I click "Run" in the TS. The command line is a simple "C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD13x64\tcc.exe" (quotation marks included, which works just fine from Run... CMD).

Oh. I just ran it again as I was typing this. I discovered the shortcut with the link to the task was set as "Run Minimized," so I set it to "Normal Window." Now, when I click the shortcut, I see a window flash momentarily on the screen, closing immediately. I tried adding /K to the command line, but it doesn't change anything.

Any other thoughts?
May 29, 2008
It's very simple to do and needs no external utility. My elevated TCC shortcut reads:

C:\Windows\System32\schtasks.exe /run /TN "TCCrun"

To set this up, type Task Scheduler in the Run box and run it, click on Create Task, and name the task TCCrun. Be sure to check 'Run with highest privileges' (this is what does the business). Then on the Actions tab, create a New action to run C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD13x64\tcc.exe and choose a starting folder. On the settings page, you should 'allow task to be run on demand' and 'if the task is already running', 'start a new task in parallel' (to allow multiple elevate TCC processes). You need nothing on the triggers page because you only want to start it on demand. If your install locations are different from mine, just adjust as needed. Finally, set the icon for the shortcut use an icon from TCC.

One possible snag: if you change environment variables, you may need to reboot to get them seen in a new TCC instance run from this shortcut.
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